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Founded in 1990, the NeST Group is a diversified conglomerate with two lines of business dealing with technology – Original Design Manufacturing and software – employing about 4,500 and headquartered in Cochin, India. SFO RDS, the software division of SFO Technologies, (the flagship entity of the Group) specializes in product engineering and custom software development, & provides integrated hardware-software solutions for customers in Aerospace & Defence, Communications, Transportation, Energy & Industrial and Healthcare domains. NeST IT, the software development arm of NeST Group, delivers solutions – IT, Process, People & Turnkey – for global customers in the form of bespoke applications, robust software products, third party COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf software), process outsourcing, staff augmentation, training or consulting.


With its own IP, patents, standardized product building blocks, additional competencies in GIS, Enterprise Solutions and Digital technologies, the company enhances value add to its OEM customers, earning them the ‘most-preferred partner’ stature in the minds of customers across North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Japan and Australia.


NeST-IT - Project Management With 4500 Active Users

Branche: Informatik und Telekommunikation, Medienunternehmen

We expected a multi-year effort, but the project was a lot easier than expected.” said Nazneen Jehangir, CEO of NeST Software Business. “40% of users are on-line after only 3 months.”

The Challenge

NeST-IT went through a rapid growth phase in the last three years, adding several new Business units, state-of-the-art development centers, penetrating into new geographies and tripling the head-count. Consequently, the project management system in force earlier had become obsolete and lacked functionalities to handle large teams and accounts. Thus, a need arose to develop a new system that would support a variety of agile and non-agile methodologies, scale up to thousands of users, enable financial controlling, and still perform efficiently.

The Solution

SFO implemented ]project-open[ version 5.0.2. The decision for the swift rollout was taken unanimously by all Business Unit heads after it became clear that ]po[ supports a wide variety of PM methodologies including waterfall, SCRUM, KANBAN and mixed waterfall/agile. The decision included an organization-wide adaption to the ]po[ model of operations.

Performance Features of ]project-open[

“Performance was our second main consideration after functionality. We were apprehensive as to whether ]po[ would provide the desired level of responsiveness to end users, considering the scale of the implementation. The many tools that ]po[ provides have helped us to gain confidence  in enabling and sustaining the performance, responsiveness and reliability of the system” said Hariendran Nair, CIO. 

  • Performance monitoring tools to provide real-time statistics about page load times, and the time spent by each SQL statements in the page, allowing to quickly spot slow running SQL queries.
  • A caching system to accelerate static pages and store the results of frequently used SQL queries in memory.
  • The application server supports multi-threaded execution and database connection pooling, greatly enhancing performance under heavy parallel load.
  • A suit of benchmarks support server sizing by simulating typical user behavior.

As a result, NeST-IT could implement the project with their old server hardware, after adding a few SSDs without any upfront investment in new servers. 

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