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Spurring Innovation and Increasing Customer Satisfaction in the Finance Industry

Spur­ring Inno­va­tion and Incre­a­sing Cust­o­mer Satis­fac­tion in the Finance Industry

von Magno­lia Inter­na­tio­nal Ltd. | 07.05.2010

Magno­lia CMS is a lea­ding con­tent manage­ment sys­tem (CMS) favored for its ease-​of-​use and avai­l­a­bi­lity under an open source license. It pro­vi­des a power­ful edit­ing inter­face that allows con­tent aut­hors to pre­view con­tent exactly as it would appear on publi­ca­tion, and best-​of-​breed Java tech­no­logy for enterprise-​grade relia­bi­lity and sca­la­bi­lity.
One of Magno­lia CMS’ lar­gest group of cust­o­mers is from the finan­cial sec­tor, which inclu­des banks, insurance com­pa­nies and other finan­cial insti­tu­ti­ons. Magno­lia CMS offers a num­ber of uni­que advan­ta­ges for cust­o­mers in this indus­try, inclu­ding such bene­fits as:

An open source licen­sing model Com­pli­ance with indus­try stan­dards Con­sis­tent con­tent deli­very across chan­nels A robust tech­ni­cal plat­form that allows easy exten­si­bi­lity and cust­o­miza­tion.
The pur­pose of this white paper is to examine the key chal­len­ges faced by finan­cial sec­tor com­pa­nies in using Web tech­no­logy to reach cust­o­mers, deve­lop new value-​added ser­vices and dif­fe­ren­tiate them­sel­ves from com­pe­ti­tion. An over­view of how Magno­lia CMS can assist in addres­sing these chal­len­ges is pro­vi­ded, toge­ther with case stu­dies and cust­o­mer testi­mo­ni­als of how Magno­lia CMS has suc­cess­fully met the needs of real-​world orga­niza­ti­ons in this indus­try.

Bene­fits of Web Con­tent Manage­ment Sys­tems

A Web con­tent manage­ment sys­tem (CMS) pro­vi­des com­pa­nies in the finan­cial sec­tor with the tools they need to build an enga­ging and per­sua­sive Web expe­ri­ence to cust­o­mers, pro­s­pects, employees and manage­ment.
The bene­fits of using a CMS to create Web-​based ser­vices are many:

- Fas­ter time-​to-​market and com­pe­ti­tive advan­tage due to on-​the-​fly con­tent crea­tion
- Increa­sed cust­o­mer satis­fac­tion through con­sis­tent pre­sen­ta­tion of ser­vices and data across chan­nels
- Impro­ved inter­nal effi­ci­ency via “create once, use many” para­digm
- Fas­ter and chea­per inte­gra­tion with hete­ro­ge­neous partner/​customer IT sys­tems — Pro­tec­tion of sen­si­tive cor­po­rate and cust­o­mer data from theft or damage
- Enforce­ment and com­pli­ance with industry-​wide best prac­tices
- Scalable to shifts in cust­o­mer demand levels
- New cust­o­mer acqui­si­tion through inno­va­tion and value-​added ser­vices
- Hig­her return on invest­ment (ROI) through plat­form extensibility

The fol­lo­wing sec­tions will dis­cuss these busi­ness bene­fits in detail […].

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