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Heartbleed Exposes a Problem With Open Source, But It's Not What You Think

16.04.2014 | von Christina Warren, Mashable

A week after the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability wreaked havoc across the web, the conversation is shifting from reaction to reflection. The discussion is no longer about what to do now, but what can be done to prevent another Heartbleed from happening in the future. In other words, we're entering the blame game chapter in this saga. So who is to blame for Heartbleed?

"Heartbleed didn't happen because OpenSSL is open source, it happened because the project wasn't given the support it needed. Let's hope that changes. And soon. This project is too important to too many.

Full text:

Weiterführende Informationen aus dem OSS Directory


Betrieb / Security / Sicherheitsinfrastruktur
7 Firmen, 4 Referenzen

OpenSSL, ursprünglich SSLeay, ist eine freie Software für Transport Layer Security, ursprünglich Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 
OpenSSL umfasst Implementierungen der Netzwerkprotokolle...

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